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            Ricoh adds new toner production lines at Tohoku Ricoh

            Tokyo, April 17, 2012 — Ricoh Company, Ltd. today announced it will add three new toner production lines at Tohoku Ricoh Company, Ltd., its production plant in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tohoku Ricoh will produce the latest “PxP-EQ” chemical toner for Ricoh multifunction printers and its production print portfolio. Investment for the new lines comes to approximately 11 billion yen. Construction will start on May 1st, 2012 and operations are planned to begin in June, 2013.

            Previously Ricoh was producing “PxP-EQ” toner in its Numazu plant only. Ricoh has now decided to expand the lines at its Tohoku facility to meet the projected increase in demand and to enable Ricoh to meet its global growth plans. The new “PxP-EQ” toner features the latest developments from Ricoh’s research and development and provides further improvements to image quality with the lowest possible environmental impacts and Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC).

            Ricoh bases its global manufacturing and supply system on two key concepts. The first is to locate plants where the overriding considerations are efficiency and quality. The second is to manufacture where the prime requirement is to meet the demands of local customers. Today, Ricoh has structures in five global regions: Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, China and Japan. This includes sales and production operations and ensures Ricoh is efficiently delivering products and services to match local business requirements.



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